Was The MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Over Engineered?

Casey Johnston writing for The Outline:

Apple still claims that only a “small percentage” of people experience trouble with their keyboards. But having now heard the idea of a “sensitive” keyboard, I’m not sure I will ever get over it. No one has had to think this hard about keyboards in decades, at least before Apple went in and messed with them. Now the complaints are reaching critical mass and I have Microsoft emailing me offering to fly me out to its Redmond campus so it can walk me through its “seven elements that every keyboard needs to create a great typing experience.” I have a hard time imagining what those seven elements are, because I get stuck at two: 1. Produces the characters 2. That I intended to type. These two attributes are also, incidentally, what the biggest and most-valuable tech companies in the world are somehow grappling with anew.

The other day, I was looking at one of these damned MacBook while in a low light conference room. The keyboard was lit up and I observed that there was no light leakage around the keys which is pretty nice compared to previous generations keyboards. I was wondering if this was one of Apple’s motivation behind the butterfly design. We will never know for sure but this keyboard is certainly creating leakage of brand damage.

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