Recovering your Photos from Your Dead iPhone

Water damaged iPhone
Photo by Carlos Santiago on Unsplash

Recovering your photos from your dead iPhone could be possible. Don’t let Apple deceive you. When asking about this kind of problem, they say they cannot do something about it. Why? Because according to this story from CBC by Alex Shprintsen, a trained molecular biologist stay-at-home mom is doing just that: recovering photos from dead iPhone. Repair expert Jessa Jones has made a living recovering photos from water-damaged iPhones.

We all know this response from Apple:

But Apple staff often tells people that if a phone won’t power up, there’s nothing that can be done to recover their data unless it was backed up somewhere else. 

But Apple is obviously of bad faith here and this is unacceptable. If they care about our data, they should do something about it. I think they care about our data from a privacy or security standpoint. They should be more open about helping others to recover their data. Imagine going for a long trip around the world and having thousands of photos on your phone lost because of a simple accident. Sure there is some responsibility to the iPhone owners to learn how to backup their iPhone content. But for many people, these technical considerations are out of reach. Maybe iOS should provide a better feedback to let the users know that something should be done in order to protect the device content.

Photos are one of the most valuable information we have on our phones. Here is the link to the company doing the data recovery: []

The following is the story on video.

Oh, by the way, please enable iCloud Photo Library to backup your photos and in order to skip having to use data recovery services for your iPhone. You’ll save stress and some money.

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