The Death of iTunes is Near

iTunes being replaced by four new apps in macOS next major release.
iTunes being replaced by four new apps in macOS next major release.

Big scoop

Yep. You read it loud and clear: the death of iTunes is near. According to a major discovery made by Guilherme Rambo for 9to5Mac. Version 10.15 of macOS will include four new applications specifically created to replace major parts of iTunes as we know it today. As I explain in this lengthy piece, “Deconstructing iTunes”, iTunes has many aging features.

It appears that core features will come to the Mac from iOS counterparts: Music, Podcasts, Apple TV and Books. Marzipan will be at the center of this transition. It is yet to be seen if this is good or bad news from a user experience point of view. For example, we cannot create smart playlists in on iOS. Will this feature come to iOS before porting the app back to macOS? How about setting an album art to a playlist?

Entering in speculation territory

The 9to5mac article falls short to give more details. We now have to speculate. For instance, how is Apple going to address other basic features currently available in iTunes: device backup, device activation, device restoration and device firmware upgrade. And I’m not talking about music library syncing between your Mac and your iPhone or iPad. This could partly explain why macOS 10.15 is expected to include iTunes: for legacy purposes. Moreover, my hope is that Marzipan will see a major revision in macOS 10.15 so that application moving to the macOS platform don’t look like aliens like News, Stocks, Voice memo as we see them today.

The death of iTunes is near obviously if these rumors are any indications. However, we’ll have to wait until this fall to have the complete picture. Some things don’t die so easily I guess.

This year appears to be the year where Apple cleans the house. After straightening it’s iPad line this spring, improving a bit its Mac line, iTunes is next in line it seems.

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