While Apple Opens Up AirPlay Netflix Drops It

Apple's AirPlay and Apple TV
Apple’s AirPlay and Apple TV

Well, this is surprising: while Apple opens up, Netflix does the opposite. As reported by MacRumors, Netflix drops support of Apple’s AirPlay technology because of technical issues. What technical issues? Is this just temporary? Or is this just a marketing decision?

AirPlay no longer supported by Netflix
AirPlay no longer supported by Netflix

Just a few weeks ago, much to the surprise of the tech press and analysts, Apple just made the opposite announcement. AirPlay 2 is being deployed on major TV set like Samsung and LG. Apple is opening up. And this is good for the customers. If this is good for Apple, why not Netflix? Let me tell you something. This is exactly the corporate behaviour that will drive me out of Netflix. At a time where Apple TV+ is on the horizon, I don’t think is a great turn of event. Stay tuned.

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