A Solution for Apple Music Lacking a Web Player

A Solution for Apple Music Lacking a Web Player.

I’m a long time subscriber of Apple Music and I still cannot understand why Apple doesn’t yet provide a web based player. Spotify is providing one though. To me, this is a glaring omission, one of the thousand no’s for a every yes. But there is a fully working solution.

The Maeve Apple Music Web Player
This is the Maeve Apple Music web player

There is two free web services that are available so you can browse and play Apple Music from your library: Maeve and Musish. I’m testing these two services and boy they both look and work great. You have to authenticate with your Apple ID with Apple’s web authentication services. I’m not sure how this all works but this is a secure authentication mechanism.

The Musish Apple Music Web Player
The Musish Apple Music web player

I don’t have a preference yet as both services are surprisingly feature complete. How they can pull this off without Apple’s blessing is unknown to me. They can be terminated at anytime by Apple. This is the case with another service that is no longer available: https://playapplemusic.com.

Apple Music Lacking a Web Player but as you can see there is a solution. Enjoy.

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