Apple is Doomed Again and Again and Again [Updated]

First, consider these recently published articles and their respective excerpt.

Apple iOS 13 update Bad news for iPhone and iPad owners – From Hiptoro

Apple iOS 13 update for iPhone and iPad is all set to be unveiled this summer at the Worldwide Developers Conference. However, not everything might be wonderful about the next iOS. According to the latest report, Apple might (emphasis is mine) ditch some older iPhone and iPad devices for the iOS 13 update.

AirPower: a fiasco beyond imagination – From Ken Segall

There is no good way to look at the saga of AirPower. Eyes have rolled, jaws have dropped, and we can only wonder how on earth Apple could ever put itself in this position.

On this one, I spent a few minutes responding with his blog post on the comments section: Woah… reading your blog post seems like if Apple was betting the farm on the AirPower, the next generation of infinite energy. But it isn’t. There was nothing really special about the AirPower to warrant this kind of sensationalistic response. They fucked up. Yep. But, hey, there is far worst… like this butterfly keyboard on all MacBook. This, I would understand your exasperation.

And the best for the last:

Apple had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week — here’s what happened – From Business Insider

Enumerated failures from the article: AirPower, really bad keynote, News app crashes, patents fight with Qualcomm, keyboard apology, leaked images of the next iPhone with three lenses.

Well, with a few words, I will response like this: Journalism is doomed too with these magnificent journalists in action.

Update: Mr. Segall responded to my comment. I then responded to.

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