While Apple Is Protecting Our Privacy, Facebook Is Selling Our Data

Some controversy this week because Apple is accused of anti-competitive measures. Apple decided to remove non compliant applications from the App Store which were depending on MDM to implement screen time like features. Something that is seen as Apple using his dominant position with its App Store. Well, that's a way to put it. But... Continue Reading →

Please Do Me a Favor And Spread The Word

Today, I'm writing a special blog post. I'm asking you a very simple favor. I'm investing quite some time in this blog to write great content. My blogger life is not always an easy one. I pay WordPress business plan so you won't see any ads on this blog. I won't track you with nasty... Continue Reading →

Un méli-mélo

Épisode #11 - Plusieurs sujets au menu de cet épisode: Apple News+ maintenant disponible au CanadaLe désastreux clavier des MacBookFlickr, ça bouge... un peu.Plusieurs nouveautés en photographie numérique dans l'écosystème Apple Références My Review of Apple’s News+ service: https://numericcitizen.me/2019/04/25/my-review-of-apple-news-service/  Was The MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Over Engineered? https://numericcitizen.me/2019/04/21/was-the-macbook-butterfly-keyboard-over-engineered/   Pixelmator Photo for iPad: a Capable Photo... Continue Reading →

Apple’s Industrial Design Team Losing Members

Well, looking at the latest rumors about the next iPhone X design and because Apple's Industrial Design team is losing members, maybe some fresh air is (finally) needed. iPhone XI mockup The following is the latest mockup of the iPhone XI. I'm not really sure that I like what I'm currently seeing. There is no... Continue Reading →

About (Perceived) Freedom

Could Apple's Marzipan Limit users freedom? This is all about perceived freedom. Brent Simmons writing about the freedom that comes with computers: With every tightened screw we have less power than we had. And doing the things — unsanctioned, unplanned-for, often unwieldy and even unwise — that computers are so wonderful for becomes ever-harder. He is refering... Continue Reading →

Apple’s iWork Is So Underrated

Apple can be beaten for not shipping AirPower but they should be praised for shipping iWork. Apple’s iWork is so underrated. The latest update to the venerable Apple’s version of this office suite is particularly delightful to use. This software is probably the best embodiment of Apple’s software vision of what great applications should look... Continue Reading →

My Review of Apple News+ Service

Today is the last day of my free month trial of Apple News+ service. This is the perfect time for a verdict. This is my review of Apple News+ service. I’m going to subscribe to (yet) another service but without great enthusiasm. Here is why. News Feed Examples First, the good side Since I’m a... Continue Reading →

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