The Land of Unfinished Projects at Apple

Copland. Bedrock. OpenDoc (was shipping but not finished). Gershwin. 3GHZ PowerPC Power Mac. Dashboard widgets exclusive to .Mac users, open sourced FaceTime. And this is what we know.

Now AirPower.

This isn’t the first case of unreleased but announced product by Apple. People are freaking out. Apple is doomed because they shouldn’t have told the world until it was finished. Add this to the newly released wireless charging AirPods case with no AirPower to match with it.

Sometimes some perspective is advised. Apple is shipping MacBook with butterflies keyboard that is deeply flawed since 2016. This thing keeps doing great damage to Apple’s brand and yet nothing happen. Now Apple kills something that didn’t meet their “high standards” and people are upset. Doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t.

Now can we move on?

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