On Apple (Supposedly) Lacking Ideas

Look who is writing this “objective” piece on Forbes (warning, web site full of ads popping up everywhere, all kind of ads), Billy Bambrough, a believer in cryptocurrencies according to his disclaimer at the end of the article:

Disclosure: I occasionally hold some small amount of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Billy Bambrough

Now, on the article subject. The future lies, according to M. Bambrough, in cryptocurrencies:

Well, now it’s finally happened but Apple’s toe-dip into the banking and credit market shouldn’t cause traditional banks to lose sleep. Not, at least, while the likes of FacebookSquare’s Cash App, and bitcoin are changing the way people think about and use money.

The idea of Facebook working on this is just frightening. They cannot keep their own data secure and bad practices at system debugging is well documented. If bitcoins and the like are so cool and the future, how do you explain the fact these are so fragmented, and much less widespread in usage than, let say, PayPal or even Apple Pay? Money is about trust. While waiting for the bitcoin revolution to happen, I prefer seeing Apple trying to remove friction caused by old and untackled problems. This is where Apple put ideas to work.

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