On Apple Fixing Others Problems

The Apple Card is probably the star of the keynote this week. Reactions abound. This is probably not the best credit card on the market but I suspect it will get a lot of traction. And one reason for this is the simple fact that Apple is trying to fix problems with current credit cards that nobody seemed to care for decades.

One example of this is the way the user will be able to determine how much he or she should pay on the current balance as shown above. When I look at this issue I find it a simple question to ask but no credit card application to my knowledge is willing to make this easy. Why is Apple doing it then?

Another issue Apple is trying to address is how the user should be notified when unexpected transactions are being made on the credit card. Personally, with my credit cards, this situation will trigger an SMS and probably a phone call from the credit card issuer. But I prefer the Apple solution by a long shot. They can do it because they control much of the technology stack and they partnered with a bank willing to try new things.

Again, this isn’t a revolution yet but this is a welcomed change. And it seems that only Apple is willing to try something new a rather conservative market, banking.

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