The Missing Link in Current iPad Product Line

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

Neil Cybart writing for Above Avalon: Thoughts on Apple’s Revised iPad Line:

This takes us to software – the missing link. All of the signs point to Apple getting the iPad line ready for new software features unveiled at this year’s WWDC. This week’s hardware updates cap off the first half of Apple’s two-part iPad show.

iOS is the missing link to make the current iPad line as solid as it should be. Hardware is as good as its software. The upcoming WWDC conference in June should, sorry, must provide an answers to naysayers about the iPad being a real computer replacement.

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  1. Yes for better iOS software and API’s. Just don’t add too much complexity and thereby undermine the core strength of iOS – simplicity! It’s a tricky tight rope to walk. But I agree, the hardware is so powerful now, the software is holding it back. Also, it’s new stuff that gets me excited. What if…Springboard changed so that it was no longer just a grid of apps? What if it was more flexible like on Android!?

    1. I’d like to see an application drawer (current app grid) easily accessible via an icon on the new “workspace”… the new home view on the device with a search field, and simply widgets like a clock… someyhing reminiscent of the traditional computer… the application drawer could be the default view for new users… I’m thinking of writing something along those line in a future blog post…

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