Resolving a Big Dilemma

To manage a Facebook page, we now need an account
To manage a Facebook page, we now need an account

I’ve been blogging for quite a while here and there but now this blog is where I put all my efforts. So far, it seems to be working. Each month I’m doing better than the one before as far as visitors count, bounce rate (very low), page viewed, etc. Recently I was checking where my visitors came from and found out something that baffles me. A lot are coming from Facebook. I think I know why. I’m no longer on Facebook but I think someone posted a link in a Facebook page about a blog post I wrote a while back. Because of this, it must be in a very popular Facebook page, I’m getting a lot of traffic. And I kind of like it.

As you already know, I closed my Facebook account because I couldn’t stand their business model anymore. But knowing that more than 2 billions people are on Facebook, a big proportion of them thinking that this is THE Internet, how can I reach them in order to make my voice heard? If I want to get the message out and reach those who are on Facebook, how can I do that if I’m no longer there?

The idea of creating a Numeric Citizen Facebook page is popping in my head but at the same time it creates a dilemma for me. How is that possible from someone who shout out loud how fucked up Facebook has become and how fucked up our world is because of Facebook. Is this an act of treason? When people will find out my stance on Facebook, I’ll get some rocks for sure. But do they blog? Do they really know how today’s society works? You’re not on Facebook? Tough luck man. You die. This is what could happen. But… still…

Here is my rationale. I can create a Facebook account but with no friends. I can close this Facebook page at any time. This could be just an experiment, nothing more. This could be like sending someone in a covert operation to get the message out. The post on the page would be automated with IFTTT so It doesn’t require a lot of work for me. See, pretty easy to fix this dilemma. Isn’t it?

In order to help me decide, I created a poll because I want your say. Please, vote. You comments are also welcomed.

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