Those Bezels…

Yesterday Apple introduced, as some was expecting, updates to the iMac product line. Both 21.5” and 27” iMac has more powerful internals. In fact, these updates are all about making these machines more powerful, with more options for powerful upgrades but at a price. This is Apple.

Now, look at these machines. The last external redesign goes back to 2012. We’re in an era of very thin bezels on smartphones and even portables and when I look at these computers, I see big bezels. Only big bezels. My guess is that we won’t see new redesigned iMac until 2020, at the earliest. 9to5Mac is asking when. While waiting for this magical moment to arrive, I’ll refer you to this recent post: The Next iMac.

Just before hitting “Publish”, I read this from John Gruber’s comments on the updated iMac”:

“These speed bumps are just what the doctor ordered.”

Yep, nothing more, nothing less. And this is part of the problem. Even for great designs like the current iMac.

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