Flickr Introducing In Memoriam Account Status

Directly from Flickr Blog yesterday:

Update on Creative Commons licenses and “In Memoriam” accounts. | Flickr Blog

Since we announced changes to Flickr’s Free and Pro accounts on November 1, we’ve heard from members who are concerned about what will happen to accounts owned by deceased members, and what will happen to their own accounts when they die. We’re photography lovers here at Flickr, too, and we love the idea of photographers’ legacies living on in memoriam—that’s why we’re pleased to announce today that we’re offering “in memoriam” accounts to existing Flickr members who have passed away.

Wow, this is smart and sincerely they had to do it. I always wonder when will Apple, for example, will introduce features like this regarding, at the very least, the way people will leave this world, the real world, and the numeric world. People who survive the dead has to have a way of dealing with people’s numerical content once they passed away.

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