The Blogging Mindset

M.G. Siegler has an interesting article about “The Blogging Mindset“.

(…) If I spent too much time reading over other thoughts and reviews, my own became weaker, not stronger, as a result. This is, it would seem, at least partially human nature. Every situation has nuance and taking in more views moves you ever closer to the middle of any topic. But it’s also just boring. Not to mention a lot of work!

M.G. Siegler

Personnaly, I want my blog to be a mix of “link blog” (like this one: M.G. Newsletter) and full featured blog. I want to strike a balance between the two. And in order to be able to keep up the pace and be authentic to my guts, I cannot read all day long on a single topic in order to be able to write about it. I’ll try my best to do my due diligence though. To me, my intuition is as important as facts.

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