Siri Taking Shortcuts

Benjamin Mayo is writing a short piece “The Siri Shortcut” thet expose a few problems with the concept of Siri Shortcuts on iOS.

Shortcuts require registration and administration to do anything at all with Siri. The user has to pre-emptively search out every command available in a certain app and then add each in turn to Siri. Registration requires the user to think up the phrase they want to use to trigger the command on the spot. Siri can then trigger these actions when that same phrase is said back to it at a later date. 

That is a lot of work just to create a Shortcut. I’m wonder how many people knows their existence and are willing to invest their time to try this.

There is no intelligence here. Siri transcribes the user’s voice and looks for an exact text match of that phrase in the database of voice shortcut phrases that the user has generated off their own back. If a match is found, it proceeds. Otherwise, failure.

The biggest problem for me with this is the fact that I don’t remember most of the trigger phrases that I have recorded. So this makes the whole thing useless.

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