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Today, I want to share something new with you dear readers and visitors. In order to be ready when I close my Flickr account next year (if all things go as bad as it seems they will on Flickr), I’m happy to introduce my new photo gallery on Adobe Portfolio (read my review here). Please, do put this URL in your bookmarks: http://numericcitizen.myportfolio.com. I’m going to use this a lot from now on to publish my photo work. My “Find Me Here Too” page has been updated to reflect this announcement.

I’m trying to organize differently from what I was publishing on my Flickr account. This will constantly evolve with time. New photos will be added, new albums created as needed. So check back often.

I chose a visual theme with a black background because I want to put the picture in front and a white background would diminish the importance of the pictures. Much like Flickr, you can open each album and see photos within.

PS. I still publish new stuff on Flickr for now by the way. I still have a paid account that will end next February after all. So, I’m taking advantage of it.

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