Introducing The Tip Jar

Today, I want to make an announcement. As you know, I’ve been working hard on this blog since last October. I’ve enjoyed writing every single post. And I plan to continue to enjoy it! Also, I decided to pay for a WordPress plan in order to remove ads from this blog. I hate ads and you probably do too. So, what I’d like to announce today is the tipping jar. This is a very simple way for you to express your appreciation toward my work. Here how it works.

First, head to the “Tips” page that you can find here or on the blog main page. Then, select the tip size. For now, two sizes are available: 5$ CAN or 10$ CAN. No information are required except your name and email address. These are required for payment purposes. I don’t and won’t use them. Then, you add the tip item to your cart then you check out. Just like a regular transaction. You’ll be able to pay with your PayPal account or if you don’t have one, with your credit card. This process is handled in a very secure way with the WordPress WooCommerce. So, don’t worry. This stuff is secure.

Thanks a lot in advance for your gratitude.

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