Combining Ulysses with Things

As I recently wrote, I’m now using Ulysses for my writing needs. Before that I was using For To-do, I’m using Things on the Mac and on iOS. I recently read an article from The Sweet Setup on how you can combine Ulysses with Things in order to help you manage your writing tasks.... Continue Reading →

During a recent urbex session with friends we were exploring an abandoned church. In one of the room in the priest's house next to the church, there was this table right in the middle of the place with lots of left overs. It was clear to me that this place was frequently visited by people... Continue Reading →

The Land of Unfinished Projects at Apple

Copland. Bedrock. OpenDoc (was shipping but not finished). Gershwin. 3GHZ PowerPC Power Mac. Dashboard widgets exclusive to .Mac users, open sourced FaceTime. And this is what we know. Now AirPower. This isn't the first case of unreleased but announced product by Apple. People are freaking out. Apple is doomed because they shouldn't have told the... Continue Reading →

One of my photo album made public from within Lightroom CC You may remember that I was working on my Adobe Portfolio in order to replace my Flickr account eventually. Well, I'm still looking forward for Adobe Portfolio but this week with the help of my nephew, I remembered about Lightroom CC public albums. Every... Continue Reading →

My Response To M.G. Siegler: No This Wasn’t a Bizarre Keynote

I’m a long time reader of M.G. Siegler, a well known blogger on many things but mainly focused on Apple (see He recently published his comments about the latest Apple keynote that he thinks was bizarre. I read it with great interest as I do every time he writes down his view about Apple... Continue Reading →

iWork Updated

Yesterday Apple released a major update to iWork for iOS. After using Keynote for a while, I must say that I'm liking a lot what Apple did here. On the 11" iPad Pro, using Keynote is a joy. They made quite a few changes to the animate feature and the way we can select the... Continue Reading →

On Apple (Supposedly) Lacking Ideas

Look who is writing this "objective" piece on Forbes (warning, web site full of ads popping up everywhere, all kind of ads), Billy Bambrough, a believer in cryptocurrencies according to his disclaimer at the end of the article: Disclosure: I occasionally hold some small amount of bitcoin and other cryptocurrenciesBilly Bambrough Now, on the article... Continue Reading →

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