Left Behind – A Quick Story Behind a Picture

I had a thought today while processing a photo of a graffiti taken in my previous urban exploration session. Take the previous photo. As a photographer, what merit do I have in this? Asking someone about how he or she feels about this photo would probably get an answer like: “wow, this is a great picture”. But, in fact, this is not really the case. What makes this picture great to a large extend is the quality of the subject, here, the graffiti. So, again, where is the merit of the photograph? Nowhere.

But, take the following example below. This picture was taken during the same urban exploration session. How do you feel about it? Well, to me, this is where the photopher merit starts to shine. I’m not saying this because I took the picture. I’m saying this because there is conscious act of composition in this. The cans of spray paint at the bottom right add to the scene. It tells a story like: then came, they express their creativity and then the left, maybe in a hurry, this is all what they left behind. This is where the photographers, are playing our role and maybe get some merit.

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