Why I Do Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is about exploring cities, from the best parts to the worst. I like doing both. This blog post is all about expressing my constant desire to explore abandoned places. They can be churches, schools, old businesses, hospitals, etc. So going out for an urban exploration session, doing urbex I could say, is always a different experience.

I started doing urbex with friends as an excuse to do photography. It was certainly different than doing vacation photography. Conditions are way more difficult to work with. Light is rarely on our side. Some places can be dangerous. Yet, I keep doing it for one reason: It is a way for me to look into the past.

We never know what we will find out. Sometimes we find dead small animals frozen in ice, on the ground. Other times we are witnessing what could have been the last days of work in a car body shop. We often stumble on left overs of people who spent good times with friends. My favourite thing is to discover open log books left by people on their last work day, before everything was computerized. This is so cool and strange. I often wonder what people will be able to discover one hundred years from now in abandoned places… maybe something like this.

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