Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Yesterday I went to my local photography equipment store where I bought my Nikon D750 two years ago. I was interested in handling a mirror less camera (Nikon Z7 or Sony Alpha). I didn’t know what to expect. The salesman gave me his time to let me play with the cameras, answer my many questions or discuss in general what is coming next for this product category. The store was busy but not like an Apple Store. They where five on the flour to answer customers. I also had a problem with my SD card that I bought with my camera so I asked about it too. He explained to me the difference with all the brands of SD cards and why some are faster than others. Finally, I asked him how the store could stay relevant in this world of competition from places like Amazon or B&H who sells their stuff over the internet probably at lower prices. The salesman explained to me that they sell to governments (local and federal), they have a department for equipement rentals and they also repair Apple gears and still develop traditional films. All in all they survive pretty well.

Before leaving, I bought two new 64GB SD cards for my camera, probably more expansive than if I would have bought them from Amazon. But, to me, this was a way to pay for his time he spent with me answering my many questions in a very informative and no bullshit way. I chose to encourage this man and his business. I chose to think globally but acted locally. Amazon will never compete in this space.

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