On Mac Pro Rumors, Bloomberg and John Gruber

I like this commentary post from John Gruber about an article published by Bloomberg(*). Go to the bottom of his post to see his comment about Bloomberg in general. I love it. Reproduced here with source because this the only thing we can and should say about Bloomberg.

Second, the Bloomberg article is about rumors of Apple software plans for the next two years and the rumored Mac Pro release this year. According to this article, Apple is considering showing off the completely redesigned Mac Pro at the WWDC conference in June and release it later this year. My comment to this possibility is: I hope not. I think Apple should avoid doing what they did with their current Mac Pro announced in 2013. Just show it when it’s ready and ship it the next day! Boom. The new MacPro is about the professionals and WWDC is not wide enough to cover all kind of professionnals. Apple could select a different event and venue to show their new baby. We’ll see.

* Bloomberg, of course, is the publication that published “The Big Hack” in October — a sensational story alleging that data centers of Apple, Amazon, and dozens of other companies were compromised by China’s intelligence services. The story presented no confirmable evidence at all, was vehemently denied by all companies involved, has not been confirmed by a single other publication (despite much effort to do so), and has been largely discredited by one of Bloomberg’s own sources. By all appearances “The Big Hack” was complete bullshit. Yet Bloomberg has issued no correction or retraction, and seemingly hopes we’ll all just forget about it. I say we do not just forget about it. Bloomberg’s institutional credibility is severely damaged, and everything they publish should be treated with skepticism until they retract the story or provide evidence that it was true.

John Gruber comment about Bloomberg

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