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As you know, Flickr is having some growing issues with the recently changed rules for free account and I’m considering closing my account. But, where should I publish my photography work after closing my Flickr account? On 500px? Or SmugMug? What about Unsplash? I think I found a better way. Enters Adobe Portfolio.

Adobe Portfolio is a service that comes with my monthly paid photography plan from Adobe. With this plan, I get the following services. The Adobe Portolio service comes with my plan! So is it a good replacement for Flickr? Let’s dive in.

Portfolio is not a social network. There is no concept of following people like on Flickr. There is no photo feeds. No comments are available. You cannot like a photo. There is no member directory nor discussion groups. Portfolio is a photo publishing service for the web that ties into Lightroom CC. Period. Photos are published in full resolution and you can disable the download from the web site in order to proctect your stuff. There are themes that you can select to build your visuals quickly.

Photos are published directly from Adobe Lightroom CC Album that you create. If you want to share from Lightroom CC Classic, you’ll have to setup something like illustrated in the following graphic.

How publishing photos works on Adobe Portfolio

Photos are published from albums that you create in Lightroom CC. When you are finished adding your photos to the album, you can share that album to Portfolio very easily. If you later add new photos to your album, you’ll have to push manually the update to the portfolio. This is a manual process.

Other nice features is the compatibility with Google Analytics if you want to get some stats about your portfolio trafic. You can also import your Adobe Stock photos into your Portfolio or from the Behance network too. You can manage from any devices and this is very easy to share an album for others to see. Each visual themes allow for a lot of customization (fonts, colors, margins, etc.).

All in all, Adobe portfolio is an important tools that could endup replacing my Flickr account next year. Stay tuned for an official launch soon. You can also read this good article on how to use portfolio in 15 minutes.

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