Google’s Blogger is Next ?

A recent post on Red Sweater Blog about Google partially shutting down Blogger’s API (the ones for uploading pictures) reminded me about the existence of Blogger as a platform for bloggers.

This is a very disappointing development, but it sort of comes with the territory for an app such as MarsEdit that supports a variety of services, none of which is under my control. Over the past 12 years, I’ve witnessed the disappearance of services such as Vox and Posterous, and the elimination of support for 3rd party apps by services such as Squarespace.

Back in the days when I was an indie iOS developers I had a blog where I could share my discoveries about writing iOS software. I never really like Blogger (or Blogspot before). I didn’t know about WordPress.

That is unfortunate to see products like MarsEdit to be impacted like this. Sure this is out of their control. Depending on big corporations is not a good thing it seems to host our digital assets. To me, this is comforting that I chose to return on If if they decide to shut down, I’ll be able to move somewhere else very easily.

Finally, Google tendancy to shut things down recently should be a moment for a pause for all people depending on them for their businesses or their hobbies. Time to think forward and become free again, don’t you think?

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