On Nest Secure Hidden Microphone

So you buy a new product, let's say a security system for your new house like this one: Nest Secure. Brand new technology, internet connected product. You feel good, you feel secure. Then, suddenly, you learn that your product had a hidden microphone that is enabled with a new software update, from Google, the parent... Continue Reading →

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Yesterday I went to my local photography equipment store where I bought my Nikon D750 two years ago. I was interested in handling a mirror less camera (Nikon Z7 or Sony Alpha). I didn't know what to expect. The salesman gave me his time to let me play with the cameras, answer my many questions... Continue Reading →

On Mac Pro Rumors, Bloomberg and John Gruber

I like this commentary post from John Gruber about an article published by Bloomberg(*). Go to the bottom of his post to see his comment about Bloomberg in general. I love it. Reproduced here with source because this the only thing we can and should say about Bloomberg. Second, the Bloomberg article is about rumors... Continue Reading →

Being Unsplashed!

Big surprise for me today, one of my latest pictures has made it to the editorial feed on Unsplash. I wrote a post about this service a few weeks ago because it is a very nice, speedy and cool photo sharing web site. Photo taken during my previous urbex session Being selected has a big... Continue Reading →

I made some clean up of a few drawers last week-end. Here is one thing that I found and made me smile: the iLife 11 DVD. Remember when we bought computer software on DVD? Remember Apple in 2011? Remember iPhoto? This was the days when a new feature in iPhoto shown by Steve Jobs would... Continue Reading →

On Apple UI (Lack Of) Readability

In recent years, I would say since iOS 7, Apple showed a lack of attention about user interface readability. The latest example is the rumoured new watch face in watchOS, dedicated to Hermes version of the Apple Watch. This example shows how bad it can be. How can we expect to be able to glance... Continue Reading →

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