Health Data and Trust

Apple is investing a lot in health, from the Apple Watch, to iOS Health app and health data sharing with many health providers in the US. In this article from NPR "Storing Health Records On Your Phone: Can Apple Live Up To Its Privacy Values?", Apple's Tim Cook on health data and privacy: People will... Continue Reading →

HyperDrive: Can’t Wait!

This morning I was wondering when I would receive my HyperDrive, a USB-C Hub for my iPad Pro. Well, according to this blog post, it seems shipping has started for early founders of this Kickstarter project. Can't wait to use it while recording my podcasts even if comments seems to be very negative. It seems... Continue Reading →

Which Devices You Are Using

I was looking at my blog's statistics today and found something surprising yet interesting: a vast majority of visitors are using a desktop computers. The tablets come in at the third position. Well, that's fine because the best visual experience with this blog is with a big screen.

#ShotOniPhone: And The Winners Are…

If you want to have a look at the winners of this photo contest created by Apple... on the Apple's web site. My three favorites are: Hard to believe these are taken from a smartphone. The following is really cool. IG: @darrensohphoto

The Road to Apple Watch Design Lead

Apple's COO, Jeff Williams Interesting and fascinating tidbits about Apple's COO, Jeff Williams. After leaving IBM, Williams went ahead and joined Apple in 1998: Williams was charmed by the “contagious, palpable enthusiasm” at Apple, so he listened to his gut and came on board as head of Worldwide Procurement. And then... Since 2013, Williams has... Continue Reading →

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

According to Bloomberg*, Apple is at work with a new feature for the Apple watch, sleep tracking. This is something that I would love. I'm currently using my old Apple Watch during the night so I can get some form of sleep tracking. Yet, this is not a complete solution. I'm mainly using Sleep Watch.... Continue Reading →

This is fascinating if you compare this to Android installed based. It doesn't require a big scientific study to see how much torc Apple has on its ecosystem. New features are pretty much guaranteed to be in widespread use in less than six months after release. Somehow I think it doesn't always benefit Apple though... Continue Reading →

On Samsung Fold And Huawei Mate X

Recents announcements by Samsung and Huawei leaves me a bit perplexed. Folding smartphones seems to get some attention from the tech press. But, personally, I wonder what is the point of these devices. Once folded they are way thicker than normal devices. Also, how well these screen will age with 1000-2000 folding operations? The Huawei... Continue Reading →

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