Being In a Post Facebook Era

The more I write and the more I have to read and the more I have something to write about. This thought popped up in my head this morning. It reminded me my time on Facebook where I would share thoughts on controversial subjects that I was passionate about. Over time I found out that... Continue Reading →

Mini Review of Luna Display 3.0

Running iTunes on the second display If you want to use your brand new 2018 11" or 12.9" iPad Pro as a secondary display for a MacBook or an iMac, there seems to be two simple ways as of this writing. The first one is with Luna Display and the second is with Duet Display.... Continue Reading →

Before & After 13

It's been a long time since I published something in this series of processed pictures. In this case, I wanted to give an oldish looking dating back to the polaroid days.

Climate Change Myths

Following my reading of "Five myths about climate change" by Katharine Hayhoe, a professor and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University, I find it hard to understand why people think that climate change that is currently being observed is not caused by human activities. Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash The five myths: Climate... Continue Reading →

Sleeping With The Enemy

This article "I was wrong about Google and Facebook: there’s nothing wrong with them (so say we all)" from Aral Balkan shows that the fight for our privacy will be a very long one. It is just weird that, for example, Tim Cook stance on privacy protection on one hand and on the other hand,... Continue Reading →

Slowing Our Life

I like this idea of consciously slowing our life by making choices like the ones exposed in this article "Putting on some wait". In a world where everyone seems to be super busy all the time, bumping into more moments with nothing to do seems like a real discovery. Think about it the next time... Continue Reading →

A World Without Targeted Advertisements

Man, I remember this... and this was just enough for me. Imagine a world without hyper targeted ads. This is a world where everyone are looking the same, earning the same and doing the same out of their life. Good and short read "Imagine a world without ads targeted by personal information".

I Knew This Was a Great Idea

Oh this blog brings me joy! This is the current trend of visitors and page views on my blog and I'm so happy! I knew that I could build a micro-community around my passions (Apple, Photography, Privacy, Climate change) as these numbers shows. I know from comments that I get on Micro blog that many... Continue Reading →

On This #ShotOniPhone Challenge

Seems there was many photographers who didn't like the fact that Apple was granting itself full rights on people's submitted photos to the challenge without any retribution... only some exposure on billboards around the world and other places. I wasn't one of them. I couldn't care much. I always thought this challenge was all about... Continue Reading →

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