Deleting Facebook Wasn’t Enough Apparently 😳

Well, you want to get back your privacy? Well, according to this article “DeleteFacebook? #DeleteTwitter? #FatLotOfGood that will do you” from Lisa Vaas for Naked Security, deleting your Facebook account won’t do it. Why? Because of your friends.

Tens of millions of users’ data were grabbed not because those users had necessarily played a Facebook personality test called “thisisyourdigitallife“, but because a friend did. The app just reached past the personality test users themselves and grabbed their contacts’ data, as well.

But deleting Facebook is certainly a mandatory step in order to get some of your privacy. Doing so, supposedly also delete your data that they have. Proof? I don’t have but this is what they say. To me, this is like stopping an hemorrhage at the very least.

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