Huawei vs Facebook

I’m a Canadian. My government, in response to a request by the United State of America, arrested a few weeks ago, the chief financial officer of Huawei while she was traveling here. This created quite tensions between the Chinese government and the Canadian government. Also, according to medias here, Canada is considering banning Huawei technology from 5G deployment in the country because of national security. They suspect Huawei of implementing surveillance programs within their technologies. Canada want’s to protect the population from mass surveillance from a foreign country or prevent a foreign entity to collect personal information. Wow, I feel in security now. But what is the link with Facebook you might ask?

Facebook, a foreign entity, a corporation to be exact, established in a foreign country is doing exactly that: collecting private data from its massive user base and sell them to whichever pay the price. When are we going to ban Facebook?

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