Another (Great) Example of “Good Bye Facebook” Letter

As you know, I posted a farewell letter on my Facebook wall before closing it a few days ago. But here is another one that I wish I would have seen before writing mine: “Goodbye Facebook“. There is a few really good ideas that I should have used myself. One is to setup an email based newsletter so my friends could get some news from me and from which we could interact. Too bad I didn’t think about it.

The more time I spend on, the worse I feel about participating in other social networks: the creepy targeted advertising, the outrage, the endless lists of tips that imply something is wrong with me, all the notifications and suggestions that are intended to capture more of my time and attention for the benefit of the platform.

From Jean MacDonald

Her letter resonate a lot of similar feelings in me regarding Facebook and social media networks in general. There is a common theme on which we decided to quit Facebook: the idea of putting an end to the contribution to a data marketing machine.

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