About Microsoft Windows Nowadays

Recently read a thread on Twitter about the supposedly sad state of Windows these days. Please read, this is interesting.

Personally, I use a Windows 10 laptop made by HP at work. This is not an exceptional machine but it is nice nonetheless. I find Windows 10 to be, on the surface when you do not too deep things on it, quite nice compared to previous releases (Windows XP, Windows 7). It is also much more stable. But, as you’ll read on the following Twitter thread, the problems arise when you go deeper. It seems we’re doing archeologic work when we face relics on the ancient Windows versions when configuring specific and deeper stuff (like a VPN for example) and this isn’t a great experience. This is bad design, unfinished work.

Somehow, I cannot stop thinking that the tech world stopped doing great things on the desktop because of the smartphone revolution. They directed all their creative energy to invent, design and push the smartphone technology forward. This is sad.

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