Please, Apple, Bring This to iOS

If Apple wants to push the iPad into the realm of serious computing, it needs to add some serious UI elements that we are used to see on traditional computing platforms. Here, I’m thinking about menus on the Mac or on Windows. They are everywhere. We take them for granted. The iPad came in 2010 and probably nobody really noticed or asked for them on iOS at that time as Apple was shifting iOS from the iPhone to the iPad and we were all busy digesting this new computing device. But these days, iOS has matured and we are ready to go further. Consider this actual segmented popup menu on the iPad.

One of the problem I see with this menu is that is doesn’t scale well (beside being ugly) and is in need for a rethinking. It came with iOS 3 with copy & paste feature if I remember well. It doesn’t scale well because on the iPhone, a menu like this has to be scrolled horizontally to see all the options. On the iPad, the wider the menu becomes, the least user friendly it becomes. This is un intuitive. Now, a few days ago, on Twitter, I saw this. Unfortunately, I cannot embed any of the videos showing the popup menu implementation. But stop everything and just go have a look. Wonderul.

John Gruber wrote, this is something that shows a lot of attention to details and something that is missing on iOS. If only Apple could do something like this in iOS 13 coming this year. 🙏🏻

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