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Currently adding another tent pole to my current interests (Apple, Photography, Privacy) that I want to blog about: climate change. Apple is a lifetime passion. Photography is all about being creative and contemplative. Privacy is a challenge that comes with the Internet that we have to fight for. Climate change because this is a matter of global consciousness and human survival.

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  1. Agreed on climate change. That’s one aspect of social media in the tech space that always leaves me queasy and lately I’ve been really turning away from more tech-oriented media because of it. While tech nerds complain about the newest branding change (Slack) and talk to themselves about the latest iPhone rumor, etc… we are literally destroying our future ability to inhabit the Earth. We and future generations will look back at this time and wonder what it was that people were thinking that they did not have climate change front and center. It should be the talk of the day and it should be a major focus of individuals, communities, nation states and any other social construct. I rarely touch on it on my tech blog but over the years it has been a focus on my other blog, Beardy Star Stuff.

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