Back From The USA

I’m back since a Thursday. Overall, this was a great vacation. I thought I would do more photos. I had my Nikon D750 with me but I never used it, only my iPhone 7. The kind of pictures I made was vacation type. Not the kind that I’m used to. I’m more into architecture, street scenes, scenery. But I managed to take one on the beach, the last full day there. Here is what I did.

This photo was taken with iPhone 7 camera app and retouched with Apple’s Photos app – this is a JPEG capture.
This photo was taken with iPhone 7 using Mobile Lighrtoom CC camera feature and processed with Adobe Lightroom CC – this is a RAW capture.

I prefer the last one. The difference is the tools I used to process the image. Apple’s Photos app doesn’t have all the features of Lightroom CC so the treatment is different in the end.

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