Sweeting Out The Details

Here is why shooting in RAW is a good idea. A seemingly bad photo can turn quite good after a few minutes of processing in Lightroom on the iPad. Push the shadows, reduce highlights The final version follows.

Not Convinced About Facebook Bad Behavior?

First, let's take a look at this: "Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them": Desperate for data on its competitors, Facebook has been secretly paying people to install a “Facebook Research” VPN that lets the company suck in all of a user’s phone and web activity, similar to Facebook’s Onavo Protect app... Continue Reading →

Apple Score Card: 2018 Edition

Really great reference here about the current state of Apple according to quite a few respected people in the field. Bravo. Must read. "Apple in 2018: The Six Colors report card".

Deleting Facebook Wasn’t Enough Apparently 😳

Well, you want to get back your privacy? Well, according to this article "DeleteFacebook? #DeleteTwitter? #FatLotOfGood that will do you" from Lisa Vaas for Naked Security, deleting your Facebook account won't do it. Why? Because of your friends. Tens of millions of users’ data were grabbed not because those users had necessarily played a Facebook... Continue Reading →

Simple Take Out From Apple Q1 2019 Results

Apple Services - an great growth story Apple is on the course of becoming a services company as iPhone revenues are decreasing. Can you imahgine if Apple was really good at services? Please, do yourself a favor and head to MacStories web site for detailed informations regarding Apple's last quarter results. There are a lot... Continue Reading →

Watch Your Sponsorship Microsoft

Reading "Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Sponsored a Conference That Promoted Climate Change Denial" from Stephanie Mencimer - Mother Jones: Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have publicly acknowledged the dangers of global warming, but last week they all sponsored a conference that promoted climate change denial to young libertarians.Stephanie Mencimer I wonder if, in the case of... Continue Reading →

Being In a Post Facebook Era

The more I write and the more I have to read and the more I have something to write about. This thought popped up in my head this morning. It reminded me my time on Facebook where I would share thoughts on controversial subjects that I was passionate about. Over time I found out that... Continue Reading →

Mini Review of Luna Display 3.0

Running iTunes on the second display If you want to use your brand new 2018 11" or 12.9" iPad Pro as a secondary display for a MacBook or an iMac, there seems to be two simple ways as of this writing. The first one is with Luna Display and the second is with Duet Display.... Continue Reading →

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