Being Repeatedly Deceived

You saw that video of a guy building a special package supposedly containing an brand new HomePod but in fact was containing a glitter bomb? He wanted to give a lesson for those stealing packages at house's doorstep. I thought it was cool to build this device and see the theft reactions when opening the... Continue Reading →

We Are No Longer Fighting For Flags But For Smartphones

This story from AppleInsider: Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating. In an attempt to show solidarity towards the Chinese telecommunications giant, companies in China are reportedly attempting to encourage employees to buy products from Huawei. Most companies offering such schemes are apparently subsidizing between 10 or 20 percent of the cost of... Continue Reading →

Adobe Lightroom Classic Alternative

Luminar 3.0 Library Feature I started using Adobe Lightroom Classic more than two years ago. It was at a time where I discovered what it really was shooting photos in RAW format with my old Nikon D80 then processing it with my old iMac 2007. Fast forward today and my numeric photography world is quite... Continue Reading →

All My Idols Are Dead

What do you think they have in common ? Creativity. Man I miss all of them. They are so different. Three in music, one in technology. I often ask myself: what if they were still alive, what would be they next gift to us ?

Documenting My Numeric Life

Do you have a Flickr account where you post your best shots with a description of your mood when the pictures were taken? Do you have a Twitter account where you post tweets about your life? Maybe you are a blogger posting on WordPress (like me) about a trip you are currently doing? If you... Continue Reading →

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