Apple in 2018: Time For Reviews

This is the time of the year where we look back and ask what was good, what was bad. This is certainly the case for Apple. Here is a brief rundown.

My own take ? One of the best year on the hardware side for the iPad Pro, the iPhone in general for offering pretty much the same features at difference price points. Apple seems to care again for the Mac too. But the MacBook keyboard is still controversial even after three “small” revisions. This was a good year for iOS but not great one. iOS 12 was able to make us forget about how bad iOS 11 was for certain users. But it didn’t do much for unleashing the iPad from its limitations Services are improving each year and 2018 is no exception. Exhibit A: Siri is improving. Yet, people still think Siri isn’t good or improving but it isn’t the case. As Apple is turning itself in a services company, we do see some movements there. On The Mac side, Apple played catch up with MacBook Air and Mac mini.

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