Behind The Scene Details About Numeric Citizen Podcast Creation

I thought I could share more details about the just released Numeric Citizen Podcast. The raison d’etre for this podcast is to add another medium for expression and maybe help reach reach more people with same interests. I want to use this medium to complement my blog. I’m going to talk about the same subjects: Apple technologies and ecosystem, digital photography, miscellaneous short comments about things that I care about like design and numeric privacy.

Now, on the technical side of things here are more behind the scene details. First, it was all put together on the iPad. For recording, I used the very well done application, Ferrite. I’m still learning to master this app but it is quite easy to use. For this first episode, since I was lacking an external microphone, I used the iPad built-in one. The next episode will be recorded using a Yeti USB microphone from Blue Microphones.

The artwork background was done in many steps. First, I started to modify a picture from Markus Spiske on Unsplash. I took a portrait photo of myself and used the iPhone app GeometriCam to give a digitized look. I used Snapseed to create the composition of me floating over the background. Finally, I used Adobe Spark Post to add the title underneath.

The music was done with GarageBand after I found out that “royalty free” music on the internet is not really free when you are using it for podcasts. So, the podcast background music is my creation. As I love electronic music, this is the genre I chose for my podcast.

Finally, I’m using Apple’s Podcasts directory to publish my feed from this WordPress website. I’m not using Libsyn as I’m not sure about the added value and I certainly don’t want to pay for this now.

That’s it! Expect the next (and real, non pilot) episode sometime in January of 2019.

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