Seven Days In USA

A taste of the seventies

I’m currently in Orlando, Florida, USA for the next seven days. I’m staying at a small hotel in Kissimmee, close to Orlando and Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. This is a really small place that feels comfy. I tried to capture a piece of it with these four pictures.

This is my second time in Florida but I can’t count how many times I came in the US. I have a very special relationship with the US… something close to a love & hate relationship. I admire so many things about the US but I also hate quite a few things too. But I keep coming back so I guess it shows that I can toss aside a few of my main gripes about this country. What gripes you might ask? Lack of gun control is one of them. And what about the cool things that I love? Their business sense and their resilient nature.

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