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Right now, I don’t like it. I don’t like the new WordPress editor, Gutenburg. Period. As I’m writing this, I’m trying to again fall in love with this new way of writing on WordPress. And it is very hard. I do understand the added feature sets, more keyboard shortcuts, less clutter while writing, the block construct but I still find it hard to manage the content when I’m putting the finishing touch to my blog post. 

As I’m hosting my blog on WordPress.com with a personal plan, I cannot, it seems, go back to the classic editor without updating my plan which I don’t want to. So I’m stuck in a future that I don’t like. 

I decided to read a few articles on this new editor from other authors. I found this one which was written while Gutenberg was still in development. They love the change obviously. But as I was reading the article, I tried a few things myself with the embeds for example and I think this could be one of the things that would make my stand over this change a bit. As a photographer, the ability to easily embbed content from Flickr for example is a time saver. The next “block” (in Gutenberg parlance) is a photo embedded from my flickr account. 

A lake by night at my friend’s chalet

There are a few ways to proceed for Flickr. The most simple one is to share an URL that points to my photo by using the Flickr embed. But this method provides less control on the embedded content. The other method is to generate the embed code from Flickr and paste it in an HTML block but there seems to be an issue as there is a trailing scripting code that stands just after the photo itself that readers shouldn’t see and read. 

As my experience goes with Gutenberg, I’m feeling that I will adapt and eventually change my mind. As an experiment, I’m going to embed a poll for the next block and ask your opinion on Gutenburg. Please, vote. 

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