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Following this article by Thomas Hawk “TOP 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE FLICKR FOR 2018” published earlier this year, I thought I could provide my own version as I’m a paying member since 2012 and I also want Flickr to strive and flourish. So, here is “Improving Flickr in 2019”. 

  1. Get rid of this Yahoo login. Supposedly, this is coming in Janurary 2019. 
  2. Offer a dark theme mode because… this is trendy in a world of very bright user interfaces. 
  3. Modernize the look and feel. Current Flickr web site has a dated look and could benefit from a fresh coat of paint. In fact, some of Flickr has been updated but not all the places like in the world map for example. Compare Photostream with Recent Activity. They don’t look the same. 
  4. Update the community part of Flickr. People tend to go to Facebook for this aspect and Facebook is not a great platform to share photos in my opinion (I hate Facebook by the way). None of the others like 500px or Unsplash are allowing community to form around photography themes or subjects. This could be the Flickr differentiation factor. 
  5. Update the Explore AI in order to better fit each photographers current tastes but add a “Surprise me” feature so we can learn about new things from time to time. No others are offering this kind of feature. 
  6. Streamline Flickr features to make it simpler. For exemple, Photostream, Camera Roll and Recent Activity have a few things in common. 

Let’s see what 2019 brings to Flickr. 

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