Trouble In Paradise

The “Big Tree of Life” – picture taken with iPhone 7 and processed with Snapseed

As you may remember (see “seven days in USA” post if you don’t or just don’t know), I’m spending my holiday vacations in Orlando, Florida. I went to Walt Disney’s Animals Kingdom for a full day. I didn’t know what to expect and was anxiously returning for a second time. But what I found was unexpected in a sense and spoiled my visit there. Here’s why.

We arrived in the middle of the morning. The weather was beautiful. A light smog was lingering in the area and everything cleared up pretty quickly. The park was already packed with a lot of people. Way too many for my taste. I guess this is expected on this day of the year. People of all ages, old and very young were visiting. Most of my observations are about people as the place itself is impeccable (this is Disney after all).

There was a lot of people in wheelchairs. Old people, this is not surprising and I was happy for them that they could come and visit the beautiful park. But there was also people in their 40’s. All they had in common: they were so big, so fat and looked unhealthy. When they say that obesity is a real problem in the US, you get to see what it is in real life. By two o’clock in the afternoon, we could see a lot of people already tired out sitting on concrete or on the side of the aisle and looking at their smartphones and… eating junk food (because this is what you can buy there, at Disney). I somehow felt pity for them. Yes obesity is a problem outside this country but man this is remarkable here.

But that is not all. Children also have an obesity problem and I couldn’t count how many of them were being put in wheelchairs too to visit the place with their favourite soda bottle in their hands and a bag of ships always close at hand. Too much efforts to walk I guess. What do they eat when lunch time arrives? Junk food. No fruits. No vegetables. Nothing. Only junk. And a smartphone to glance at. Many were not even looking around them. What the fuck is happening? This is plain and simple sad. And this is one of the reason I don’t like the US. I feel the party is going on in this country for decades here, taking so many ressources with it.

And some more random notes: recycling is not a thing in this place it seems (in the US, is it?). The amount of food going to trash is revolting to say the least. In these immense parking lot, the average car size is also remarkably high. Cannot get this remark by George W. Bush after 9-11: how way of living is not negotiable. Well, that is too bad for all of us on this earth.

Now that you read this blog post to the end, look at the picture I chose, I couldn’t find a better one to illustrate my thoughts and words.

On this sad note, I wish you an happy new year 🥳 and I’ll be back in 2019 with so many more things to write about or places to visit and photograph and share.

My Ten Wishes For 2019

This is my top ten wishes for the upcoming year. In no particular order.

  1. Close my Facebook account. Enough of this shit. Seriously.
  2. See Trump Resign. Or impeached. Just too much of him, from day one.
  3. Travel to Hawaii. Never been there. And take pictures, lots of them.
  4. Replace my iPhone 7. This upcoming fall or before current iPhone breaks. Can’t wait.
  5. Continue with urban exploration. Always source of inspiration to me.
  6. Improve my creative energy usage and stay focused.
  7. Maintain my blogging pace while increasing quality of content.
  8. Exercice more and improve regularity.
  9. Eat less sugar. We eat way too much of this shit.
  10. Read more. And share my discoveries with you.

Happy new year to all my beloved readers and followers.

Photo by Chris Gilbert on Unsplash

Apple in 2018: Time For Reviews

This is the time of the year where we look back and ask what was good, what was bad. This is certainly the case for Apple. Here is a brief rundown.

My own take ? One of the best year on the hardware side for the iPad Pro, the iPhone in general for offering pretty much the same features at difference price points. Apple seems to care again for the Mac too. But the MacBook keyboard is still controversial even after three “small” revisions. This was a good year for iOS but not great one. iOS 12 was able to make us forget about how bad iOS 11 was for certain users. But it didn’t do much for unleashing the iPad from its limitations Services are improving each year and 2018 is no exception. Exhibit A: Siri is improving. Yet, people still think Siri isn’t good or improving but it isn’t the case. As Apple is turning itself in a services company, we do see some movements there. On The Mac side, Apple played catch up with MacBook Air and Mac mini.

This Blog Isn’t Fake

Great and disturbing story “How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually“.

Where does that leave us? I’m not sure the solution is to seek out some pre-Inversion authenticity — to red-pill ourselves back to “reality.” What’s gone from the internet, after all, isn’t “truth,” but trust: the sense that the people and things we encounter are what they represent themselves to be. Years of metrics-driven growth, lucrative manipulative systems, and unregulated platform marketplaces, have created an environment where it makes more sense to be fake online — to be disingenuous and cynical, to lie and cheat, to misrepresent and distort — than it does to be real. Fixing that would require cultural and political reform in Silicon Valley and around the world, but it’s our only choice. Otherwise we’ll all end up on the bot internet of fake people, fake clicks, fake sites, and fake computers, where the only real thing is the ads.

So much stuff is about running fucking ads… because we asked for everything to be free. Now we know the real cost of this stupid thinking.

So this blog isn’t fake and is maintained by a real human.