Trouble In Paradise

As you may remember (see "seven days in USA" post if you don't or just don't know), I'm spending my holiday vacations in Orlando, Florida. I went to Walt Disney's Animals Kingdom for a full day. I didn't know what to expect and was anxiously returning for a second time. But what I found was... Continue Reading →

My Ten Wishes For 2019

This is my top ten wishes for the upcoming year. In no particular order. Close my Facebook account. Enough of this shit. Seriously. See Trump Resign. Or impeached. Just too much of him, from day one. Travel to Hawaii. Never been there. And take pictures, lots of them.Replace my iPhone 7. This upcoming fall or... Continue Reading →

Apple in 2018: Time For Reviews

This is the time of the year where we look back and ask what was good, what was bad. This is certainly the case for Apple. Here is a brief rundown. Tom's Guide: Apple in 2018: Where It Triumphed, And Where It Flopped. Summary: good on the hardware side (iPad Pro, iPhone XR), bad on... Continue Reading →

Being Repeatedly Deceived

You saw that video of a guy building a special package supposedly containing an brand new HomePod but in fact was containing a glitter bomb? He wanted to give a lesson for those stealing packages at house's doorstep. I thought it was cool to build this device and see the theft reactions when opening the... Continue Reading →

Adobe Lightroom Classic Alternative

Luminar 3.0 Library Feature I started using Adobe Lightroom Classic more than two years ago. It was at a time where I discovered what it really was shooting photos in RAW format with my old Nikon D80 then processing it with my old iMac 2007. Fast forward today and my numeric photography world is quite... Continue Reading →

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