On iCloud Photo Library Sharing

Here is very useful tip. If you are one of those (like me) using Apple's iCloud Photo library on your iOS devices, did you know that you can share pictures on the web for others to see ? They don't need to be subscribing to any Apple stuff in order to be able to see... Continue Reading →

Preparing For a GuruShots Challenge

Tempted by another GuruShots challenge where the theme is "Intentionally Inclined". I went in Lightroom to select a picture from my trip to London last summer. Then I spent a few moments processing it. I went with a black & white version of it because of the subject: the parliament. An old building destined to... Continue Reading →

Before & After 2

On the left, the original photo. On the right, the processed photo with more texture, more contrast, more saturated colours. Tell me what you think of it. I used the rediscovered application Snapseed.

Parlez-vous français? 🤔

I'm wondering if there are people among my readers who talk or read french as I may write some blog posts in french. Let me know please. Thank you. 😊 Je me demande si parmi mes lecteurs, il y en a qui peuvent lire ou parler français? Je pense écrire des billets en français parfois.... Continue Reading →

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