Show Me The Details

A short video clip about turning up details in the sky. How ? Lower down the highlights, push up the contrast, lower a bit the exposure of the sky only (instead of the whole picture).

Before & After 3

The original photo was kind of pale with no contrast. Now, with more structured details, warmer colours and a new frame, it looks more interesting to me. I give it the following title "Anonymously strange".

It’s Your Fault, iOS!

What a great blog post by Craig Mod: "Getting the iPad to Pro". It makes me rethink about my objection to some of the most requested features for the iPad, more input devices, like mouse support. The ideal of computing software — an optimized and delightful bicycle for the mind — exists somewhere between the... Continue Reading →

If You Love The 1950s And The Incredibles Movie

Here is a great article "The Graphic Art of Incredibles 2" about the sources of inspiration for the Incredibles movie by Walt Disney Pixar. It goes from buildings, private houses, street signs, products marketing, building signs, etc. I enjoyed both of these movies quite a lot.

Mac mini For Photo Processing ?

Excellent review by Marco Arment of the newly updated Mac mini. For a while, this was a computer I wanted for my photo processing needs. Before buying my current 2017 iMac, this was the computer that I wanted. But, the lack of updates for four years convinced me not to make the move. But there... Continue Reading →

When Will iOS Grow Up

From this interesting blog post by Nick Heer on Pixel Envy: But I do truly believe that by building iOS up as opposed to breaking MacOS down — that is, adding functionality within a made-for-touch framework rather than glomming touch onto MacOS — will prove to be a wise choice in the coming years. With the latest hardware released... Continue Reading →

The Effect of Returning to my Blog

This blog exists since 2015. After a first year with a few posts that attracted a lot of readership, I went silence for a long time. I decided to come back a few weeks ago because I had this renewed desire to write about a few subjects that I love. See the effects of my... Continue Reading →

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