Today at Apple

You can’t love or hate Apple, their products, their services, but one thing is clear to me since quite a while, Apple is still a different company. With Today at Apple sessions, this is where the difference expresses itselfs most these days. As shown in “My Today at Apple Experience” on MacStories, there is a few things that make these sessions special. First, getting so different people together, from the youngest to the oldest, at the same table. Second, this is not about technology, this is all about creativity. This is interesting from a technology company like Apple. Sure there are motives behind all this, I’m not dump. They get people into their stores. The get people demand more from their devices, the educated them so the next time they buy a new device, they may buy a bigger, faster, more expansive one. Or not. So, I want to try for myself. I booked this session this coming saturday: “Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot by Chase Jarvis”. Stay tuned to read about my own observations.  

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