It’s Your Fault, iOS!

What a great blog post by Craig Mod: “Getting the iPad to Pro“. It makes me rethink about my objection to some of the most requested features for the iPad, more input devices, like mouse support.

The ideal of computing software — an optimized and delightful bicycle for the mind — exists somewhere between the iOS and macOS of today. It needs to shed the complexities of macOS but allow for touch. Track pads, for example, feel downright nonsensical after editing photos on an iPad with the Pencil. But the interface also needs to move at the speed of the thoughts of the person using it. It needs to delight with swiftness and capability, not infuriate with plodding, niggling shortcomings. Keystrokes shouldn’t be lost between context switches. Data shouldn’t feel locked up in boxes in inaccessible corners.

I like the part about photography processing. My understanding is that not only iOS is at fault here because of a lack of maturity but also other software developers like Adobe. Things are starting to change but it takes a long time, much longer than it takes for Apple to create a new generation of iPad it seems.

Photography processing on the iPad is broken because of the lack of a simple import workflow. Fix this and improve and Apple removes a lot of friction in user experience. Maybe Apple should consider “forking” iOS and making a tablet version only where multiple contexts are allowed, multiple input devices.


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