Mac mini For Photo Processing ?


Excellent review by Marco Arment of the newly updated Mac mini. For a while, this was a computer I wanted for my photo processing needs. Before buying my current 2017 iMac, this was the computer that I wanted. But, the lack of updates for four years convinced me not to make the move. But there is something more important that prevented me from choosing the Mac mini. The screen selection wasn’t an easy thing to do. Which one to choose from? Dell? HP? I don’t know any screen manufacturer that are as good as Apple. Their standards are high and the screen that comes with an iMac is simply beautiful.

This is the first non-iMac desktop Mac that lets you plug in a 5K display, at full quality, without dual cables or other unreliable hacks. We finally have 5K Retina Mac options beyond the iMac! Unfortunately, we still don’t have any great standalone 5K displays. (The LG UltraFine isn’t.)

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