The New iPad Pro For Photographers – Austin Mann

Excerpt from the article “The New iPad Pro For Photographers – Austin Mann

While the new iPad Pro is a massive step forward for photographers looking to use it as the center of their mobile workflow, there are still things I’d like to see improved moving forward.

  1. I wish there were more batch capabilities on iPad Pro. (For example, Lightroom CC allows me to copy edit settings, but only paste them to one image at a time.) Tasks like batch file renaming and batch custom resizing are important aspects of the pro photo workflow. I’m hopeful to see features like these in the near future.
  2. I wish the iPad Pro handled external storage differently. Options like Gnarbox and DJI CoPilot are really helpful, but I wish I could plug my USB-C storage into the iPad Pro and operate directly from there.

  3. I wish there was Dark Mode for iOS. I almost always operate in Dark Mode on Mac these days. I was working in Ulysses Dark Mode on the night flight to Iceland and was temporarily stunned when I switched to Settings.

We are wishing for the same things.

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