Photography Processing – What’s On My iPad

While waiting for my brand new 11″ iPad Pro to arrive, I thought I would share what applications I used to do photography processing on my iPad. I use many of them, not all of them all the time though.


Here are a few comments about a few of them.

  • Adobe Lightroom CC is the one I used most. It is quite powerful yet simple to use. I’m pretty good with it and I also use the desktop version. I choose to sync a few albums between my iMac and the iPad. I’m subscribing to the photography plan from Adobe.
  • Pixelmator is another one that I like. This app could have been done by Apple a few years ago when they used to create apps to show the developer world how things should be done. Pixelmator Pro on macOS is quite impressive. They didn’t build one for the iPad (yet…). This one should be brought in by Apple and make it available to everybody. Somehow, I prefer the look and feel of Pixelmator to Lightroom.
  • Snapseed is a strange beast. I used to use it a lot on my iPhone but I stopped when I started to use Lightroom. Snapseed is made by Google. It is quite powerful and contains features not available on another apps like certain type of filter that adds certain look and feel to pictures (see below).
  • Affinity Photo (“Photo” on the above picture) is another one that is very powerful. I’m not very good with it but I’d like to spend more time and learn. Some think it is the Photoshop for iPad users… while waiting for the real Photoshop in 2019.

Can’t wait to try these on the new iPad and see the speed difference.

NY - 1
Photo processed with Snapseed

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