No Mouse Support For iPad Please 🙏🏻

On Twitter, there is a lot of talk about the iPad Pro. The subject is mainly about the massive power of the device and the lack of more advanced features typically found on more advanced operating systems. I’m refering to mouse support. The logic goes like this: in order to be able to take advantage of all the speed this new iPad is capable of, new apps need to be introduced on a more advanced operating system so we can finally get rid of our laptops. And in order to make this happen, mouse support is required. This is the only way we can think of rish computing environment it seems.

It is not because the newest iPad are so much powerful that we need mouse support on these thing. Apple shouldn’t try to replicate a macOS computer on a tablet just because we ask for this.

Power can be used for a lot of things: AR is one example. The upcoming Photoshop is another example. Powerful devices has nothing to do with input devices.

Just think of the iPad as the “computer” for the next generation of users (the rest of us?), the ones who didn’t really got involved with “real” computers with a mouse and a keyboard. Just look in an Apple Store. Look at people playing around with an iMac or a MacBook? They are mostly adults. Now, look at people playing around with the iPad or the iPhone. This is another story. The iPad is for the youngest. The tech press isn’t reflective of this demographic fact. They are the ones who we’re born with computers and can’t see (it seems) a world where iPad take over 95% of mundane tasks that “normal” people will do on these things.

I’m not saying the iPad with its current iOS version is perfect. Far from it. But Apple will keep improving this combo. At their own pace. Not at the tech press requested pace and certainly not the way they want it to become. Thanks god.

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